Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Farmers market @ UMD

Yes! UMD had farmers market!! I am very excited about it when I know about it...even during the first time when I visit it..
Actually I am kinda like accidentally found it during a random day..
I am so glad that I knew about it when it just started..
Having farmers market in school definitely benefits everyone in the school..
Especially for student like me who do not have a car to travel to the supermarket to do the groceries...
There are vege stall, meat stall, bread stall, egg stall, bread spread stall, pickle stall, bread stall..etc..
I really enjoy visit farmers market as I could get some fresh vege and meat (goat meat) from it..
With it, I dont have to visit the supermarket so often..Although it is kinda tedious to bring groceries with myself to the next classes sometimes
Even though sometimes I dont need anything from it, I will still visit it..
It had became a routine for me on every Wednesday..
But too bad as the weather getting colder, it has to be closed and will be reopen at next Summer.. =( 
Gonna show some pictures about it..
The first stall that sells apple cider and some vege

1st vege stall

1st vege stall: Apples

Pickle stall

European Bread Stall- Trust me, their bread is awesome!

French Bread

2nd vege stall..ok their tomatoes may look bad in this photo..but I always get fresh Okra (Ladies fingers) and cherry tomatoes in this store..This is the only place that I can find Okra so far..T.T..I will miss it..and yeah, they do sell some chinese cabbage and bak choi too! So considering..

Pumpkin and green pepper from the meat stall

Another Bakery stall

Bread Spread Stall

The ants deco from the bread spread stall..so cute..!

Another bakery stall

more bread

The loyal customer =)

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