Sunday, December 9, 2012

Err...Final Exam is around the corner..
No...always dislike it..
I mean seriously, nobody likes it..even the professor..
anyway, this of the good way is I will have one month break for my winter..
which is pretty nice and looking forward..
just want to start the thing that i want to do badly..
sometimes it is good to have ur life target..
and i guess i finally found mine? or i should say, finally i am willing to move my butt to achieve it?
yeah..hmm..maybe i should stop crapping or blogging and starts on my study?
ok..just a quick update for my room...
changed the study table location and it is facing the window now!
YaY! ^^
Always dream to have my study table facing a relaxing view..
Although this is not what  I had imagined..but it's ok..
At least it is better than facing the wall =)

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