Saturday, April 20, 2013

i was told that i am having first world problem..
well, i think i do have..
why things getting more and more complicated when you are a grown up..
they seems to have more and more and never ends..
finally i can understood an cantonese idiom- free to die but not free to sick..
when you are a grown up, happiness seems to be far away from you..
your desire is getting bigger and you are busy chasing those illusion to fulfil your happiness..
you dont know what is right or wrong..because, the right things that we were taught when we were a child, do not always applied in the adult world..
people tend to lie to protect themselves, tend to gossip to harm others..
seriously, what's wrong with you people?
out of sudden, i wanna be a child again..
dont have to worry how to get a job, when to pay the bill, or some miscellaneous things in life..
ya..i do have the first world problem..=(

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